Who The Hell Are We?

Sometimes, you get lost in a colon…

Sometimes, you get lost in a colon…

what’s our meet-cute?

Caroline and Lillian met during their time at a health system located in Dallas, Texas. Through a couple of run-ins at the local Starbucks and Lillian attempting to eavesdrop on what a dietitian orders at a coffee shop, they quickly became close colleagues and then, after some margaritas, friends. After one too many texts on ‘what should I buy’ from Lillian, the idea to spread her ignorance with Caroline’s knowledge to the world was born.


Caroline Susie, RDN/LD

Caroline Susie is a consultant within health and wellness sector for major corporations across the country.  Working alongside health and benefit leads, she advises clients of all sizes on how to identify health improvement opportunities that deliver results.  Areas of expertise include advocacy selection and implementation; wellness program design, development, strategy, implementation and review; chronic condition solution selection and implementation; and managing vendor relationships.  

Prior to her consulting career, Caroline managed the internal wellness program that improved the health of a major health system’s employee and dependent population.

Caroline is a University of Oklahoma graduate with 14 years of experience as a registered and licensed dietitian. For over the past decade, Caroline has specialized in corporate wellness.

Personally, Caroline is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys running, yoga, and tennis. She is a mom of two Jack Russell Terriers and lover of all things food and wine (emphasis on the wine).


Lillian Lockhart

Calories in and calories out. Sounds easy enough, right? But what sounds way easier is being able to have your cake, eat it, and still have fabulous abs. That's Lillian Lockhart's goal. Her love for social media and all things fad and fab is second to none to her love of fried chicken. If there's an influencer pushing an elixir, a brunch that can be cooked to avoid a crowd, or a trend instead of a side-bend, she's ahead of the curve and ready to put the science to the test. 

Rather, she's ready to justify click-through rates, conversions, and drunk purchases made on a whim based on sponsored ads and girls with abs.

Thus, when she's not at Equinox right after sunrise or conquering the digital marketing landscape, she can be found cuddling one (or all) of her cats while having a stiff drink and waiting on an Uber Eats delivery, which is usually fried chicken... unfortunately.